Title and Copyright Controversy, Choi Yena’s ‘Hate Rodrigo’ MV Has Been Deleted from YouTube

South Korea – Choi Yena’s comeback song ‘Hate Rodrigo’ previously received criticism due to the title controversy. Apart from that, some of the scenes in it are also part of the singer from America, Olivia Rodrigo, who is demanding copyright.

Now, it is reported that the music video has been removed by YouTube. What’s the information like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Comeback Song Controversy

Choi Yena recently made a comeback. His latest song is in the spotlight of netizens with the controversy over the title of the song to copyright.

It is known that Choi Yena is in the midst of a controversy surrounding her latest song entitled ‘Hate Rodrigo’. Because it was controversial and drew criticism from netizens, the music video has now been removed by YouTube.

Launching from Xports News recently reported that Olivia Rodrigo asked Choi Ye Na’s ‘Hate Rodrigo’ music video to be removed. Controversy had been brewing even before the song’s release, mainly centering on its title.

An insider revealed that Olivia Rodrigo’s estate had raised a copyright issue which resulted in the music video being set to private on YouTube. It has been reported that copyright issues arose from certain scenes in the music video, coupled with the song name controversy.

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