Trending! Dita SECRET NUMBER Releases News Program on YouTube

South Korea – Dita SECRET NUMBER has released the News Program ‘Dita’s Chart Show’ on YouTube. The video also reaped a lot of enthusiasm.

So what does the video from the news program Dita SECRET NUMBER look like. Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Dita’s News Event SECRET NUMBER

Recently Dita SECRET NUMBER Number trending on Twitter. This was because it was revealed that he actually had a new program, Dita’s Chart Show.

Dita’s Chart Show itself is a new news program that broadcasts music programs from three public broadcasting channels in Korea. The three public broadcasting channels in Korea alone are KBS, MBC, and SBS, ranging from the K-Pop Music Chart to K-Pop in general.

On the first episode of Dita’s Chart Show, Dita was accompanied by Zuu as a translator into Korean and Dita as a translator into Indonesian. For the experiment, Dita SECRET NUMBER is still holding three episodes and for the next episode, it will be seen from the progress of the audience.

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