Trending on Weibo, Shuhua (G) I-DLE) Criticized by Chinese Netizens for Accusations of Asking Fans to Die


South Korea – On July 7, Shuhua (G) I-DLE) responded to fan comments on a personal Instagram post. Instead of expecting praise from fans, Shuhua’s (G) I-DLE) response instead became harsh criticism for Chinese netizens to the point where it became a trending topic on Weibo.

Why is Shuhua (G)I-DLE) criticized? Come on, immediately refer to the following reviews!


Shuhua’s (G) I-DLE) response when answering fans’ questions on Instagram became a hot topic of conversation on Weibo. Shuhua (G) I-DLE) was criticized for responding to fans with harsh sentences.

In particular, under Shuhua’s Instagram post, a fan jokingly left the comment “Sister Shuhua, I’m out of money, can you lend me” in Chinese.

“I’ll burn some for you/ I’ll give it to you (if translated into Indonesian informally),” Shuhua’s response (G) I-DLE) in the comments column on his personal Instagram upload,

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