Twitching of the Upper Right Eye, Causes and How to Overcome it


PeekSeleb – Twitching of the eye is a common condition experienced by many people. One type of twitch that often occurs is a twitch in the upper right eye. These twitches can become annoying and make a person feel worried.

In this article, IntipSeleb will discuss the common causes of twitching of the right upper eye and some ways to overcome them. Come on, take a peek below.

Causes of the Upper Right Eye Twitch


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Causes of Upper Right Eye Twitching Eye twitching is generally caused by the contraction of the small muscles that control eyelid movement. Although the exact cause cannot always be determined, several factors that can trigger an upper right eye twitch include:

1. Eyestrain

Overuse or tasks that are hard on the eyes, such as reading in poor light conditions or using electronic devices for too long, can cause eyestrain. This fatigue can cause twitching of the eyelids.

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