Typical Kediri Emprit Bird Satay Recipe, Delicious Culinary Rarely Found in Other Cities


Kediri – Emprit bird satay is a signature dish from Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. This dish is famous for its distinctive and unique taste.

Speaking of typical Kediri culinary delights, the ANTV Rame Festival will be present and entertaining the people of Kediri on July 29, for information, stay tuned on social media @antv_official. If you want to try making Cenil at home, let’s take a peek at the recipe.

If other cities have special culinary and satay with various spices, don’t get me wrong, Kediri also has special emprit bird satay, you know. Intrigued by the recipe? Scroll through the following articles!


✓500 grams of emprit bird meat (can be replaced with chicken or beef)

✓1 tablespoon of sweet soy sauce

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