UAENA Get ready! IU Will Give A Special Surprise In September, The Golden Hour Concert Again?

South Korea – On July 3rd, IU was seen joining IU’s fan community, Jieuninus. There, IU joined in by giving a code that in September there would be a surprise from her.

Will there be a comeback? Hold a concert or fanmeeting? Here’s more!

IU’s question to UAENA on Jieuninus

Source: Jieuninus Community

Before IU asked questions, UAENA (IU’s fandom) first threw questions with other fans, “Of all the plans that are in IU’s head right now, say one thing that can make UAENA (IU’s fandom) exclaim ‘Is this the spoiler at that time?”.

Shortly after, IU immediately responded by throwing questions that sounded like they would surprise fans, “Do you guys have time in the middle of September?”

Seeing IU’s response, fans immediately expressed their hopes by holding concerts, fan meetings, and IU’s music comeback again.

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