UAENA Sends Protest Truck to EDAM Entertainment, Asks IU Not to Extend Contract

South Korea – On June 28, IU’s (UAENA) fandom sent a protest truck to the EDAM Entertainment building. They protested against their slow action in dealing with IU’s false rumors.

UAENA even asked IU not to renew the contract with EDAM Entertainment. Here’s the full review!

Protest fans to EDAM Entertainment

iuSource: Asia Time

Currently, a truck banner containing protest words to EDAM Entertainment has been parked in front of the building. The contents of the protest sentence contain the way EDAM is considered slow in handling IU’s negative rumors.

“Ghost destruction without telephones or faxes,”
“No progress on lawsuits, fan efforts ignored, negligent work attitude,”
“CEO Bae Jong Han blocked the path of the artist,” and other sarcastic sentences.

According to fans, IU has been suffering from false rumors that have damaged her name for a long time. They also claim that the company has consistently provided inadequate responses.

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