Viral Video of Uhm Jung Hwa ‘Doctor Cha’, Makes You Not Believe It’s 53 Years Old

South Korea – Not long ago, a video clip of Uhm Jung Hwa went viral which was recorded from the side without the actress seeing it.

All of a sudden, the video footage became busy in the spotlight and not a few were captivated by the charm of Uhm Jung Hwa. Here’s more through the review below.

Viral Video Footage of Uhm Jung Hwa

Uhm Jung Hwa

The figure of Uhm Jung Hwa has recently been discussed by the public in connection with his actions in the drama Doctor Cha, which he starred with Kim Byung Chul.

Through the drama Doctor Cha, Uhm Jung Hwa plays the main character with Cha Jung Suk, a housewife who decides to return to continue her resident doctor education, but catches her husband having an affair with his ex-girlfriend during college.

If in the drama Doctor Cha Uhm Jung Hwa appeared with short hair, recently the viral video of Uhm Jung Hwa’s appearance with long hair when attending an event after the end of the drama Doctor Cha.

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