Visited by Taeyong NCT, Cafe Batavia Has Aesthetic Interiors and Authentic Food


Jakarta – Cafe Batavia is one of the iconic places in Jakarta which is located in the Kota Tua area. This place has a long history that reflects the city’s cultural heritage. With classic architecture and stunning decoration, Cafe Batavia is not only a popular hangout spot, but also provides an experience of a rich past.

Cafe Batavia is located in a Dutch colonial heritage building known as Gedung Batavia. This building was originally built in 1805 by Governor General Herman Willem Daendels as the administrative center building of Batavia. During the 19th century, this building served as City Hall and later as the government offices of the Dutch East Indies.

So, what is the history and favorite menu of food from Cafe Batavia? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

History of Cafe Batavia

In 1990, Cafe Batavia was founded by a Dutch citizen named Peter AJTH van Oosterom. He fell in love with the beauty and history of the Batavia Building, and saw its potential to be an attractive coffee shop. Cafe Batavia has become popular with tourists and locals alike for its fidelity in maintaining the authenticity of colonial architecture and vintage interiors.

Entering Cafe Batavia, visitors will be transported back in time with such a thick atmosphere. The decoration in this cafe consists of antique items, such as vintage-style chandeliers, old paintings, wooden chairs, and marble tables.

The spacious terrace with views over Fatahillah Park makes this the perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee while taking in the classic Old Town views.

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