Waiting for, Taeyong NCT Finally Meets Raffi Ahmad


Jakarta – The moment that NCT fans have been waiting for has finally come true. Now, the figure of Raffi Ahmad who met the leader of NCT has also attracted a lot of attention.

So, what was Raffi Ahmad’s moment like when he met Taeyong NCT? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Raffi Ahmad and Taeyong NCT

Previously, on Saturday night, July 8 2023 yesterday, Taeyong NCT flew from South Korea to Jakarta, which was scheduled for the ‘CXO Media Live On Stage’ concert at Beach City International Stadium, Jakarta.

After arriving in Jakarta, Jerome Polin was seen hanging out with Taeyong. The two of them also randomly tried typical food from West Sumatra to play in Kota Tua.

Now, the figure that Indonesian netizens have been waiting for has finally met. Through Raffi Nagita’s Instagram, Taeyong finally went to Andara’s house.

Initially, Taeyong NCT’s meeting with Raffi Ahmad was known through Instagram when Raffi followed the leader’s Instagram. After that, Raffi uploaded a tweet on Threads and posted a video with Taeyong.

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