Weekends Hurry Up? Take a peek at these 6 tips to make the weekend feel longer

PeekSeleb – Weekend is the time that many people look forward to. After a week filled with routine and responsibilities, having an adequate weekend is invaluable. However, sometimes time seems to pass so quickly that the weekend seems short.

If you want to make the most of your holiday and make the weekend seem longer, here are some tips. Come on, take a peek at the tips!

1. Plan Activities Beforehand

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One way to extend weekend enjoyment is to plan activities in advance. Make a list of activities or places you want to visit.

By having a clear plan, you can optimize your free time and avoid confusion about what to do. Plan to visit a new park, museum, restaurant, or take up a hobby that you enjoy. By having a solid agenda, you will feel that the time is longer.

2. Take advantage of the Morning

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