Why Can’t TikTok Content FYP? These are 5 Causes and How to Overcome Them!

PeekSeleb – Who doesn’t know TikTok? This is a fun social media application that many people like. In fact, the CEO of TikTok, who recently came to Indonesia, revealed that his platform has been used by 325 million from Southeast Asia.

The virality of the TikTok application makes anyone able to gain instant popularity. One of the ways is when the content that is made viral and enters someone else’s For Your Page. So, what’s the reason TikTok content can’t FYP? Let’s take a look at the possible reasons!

1. Not Posting at the Right Time


Photo: freepik.com

The three golden rules of social media are where to post, what to post, and most importantly, when to post. This is why these rules are no different on the TikTok platform either.

So, one of the logical reasons why your TikTok doesn’t FYP after upload is because you don’t follow TikTok’s FYP schedule. Like every other social media, TikTok also has peak hours, and if you want maximum views, you should post sometime between 6am, 10am, or 10pm.

2. Target Audience Not Determined

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