Will Comeback, Oh My Girl Releases ‘Golden Hourglass’ Mini Album Concept Photo

South Korea – WM Entertainment idol group Oh My Girl has released the individual concept film of their ninth mini-album titled Golden Hourglass on their official social media and YouTube.

In this concept film Hyojeong, Seunghee, and Arin were released first. So how is the information? Come on, check below.

Oh My Girls Releases Mini Album Concept Photo
Oh my girl

According to Heraldpop on Wednesday, July 5 2023, WM Entertainment as the agency of Oh my Girl posted individual concept films for Oh My Girl’s ninth mini album entitled Golden Hourglass sequentially through their official social media and official YouTube.

In the concept film Hyojeong, Seunghee, and Arin released first, the appearance of the members wearing pure white costumes in the footage capturing the greenery of summer attracted attention.

The members ran through the forest and enjoyed the bright sunshine and in harmony with nature, conveying their pure white beauty and showing off their unique innocent visual.

In particular, the members’ voices were included in the video, thereby raising the expectations of fans.

As much as they have received lots of love for their solid performance, they have captivated the ears of fans with a tune that is unparalleled befitting Oh My Girl’s reputation.

Also, at the end of the video, a gemstone for each member appears, arousing curiosity about the concept of the new album to be released.

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl will release their 9th mini album titled Golden Hourglass through various music sites on July 24, 2023, at 6 pm KST and carry out full promotional activities.

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