Will debut as an actor, Sunho MIC changes name to Baek Sunho


South Korea – Sunho who was a member of the pre-debut boy group MIC will turn into an actor and appear in public as actor Baek Sunho.

Among the members, MIC’s Sunho is the member who gained great popularity. What kind of awareness is the information? Come on, take a peek in full.

MIC’s Sunho to debut as an actor


Photo : Instagram.com/cjes.tagram

Launching from Wow TV on Tuesday, July 11 2023, Sunho, who is a member of the pre-debut boy group MIC or Made in C-JeS, will debut as an actor and appear in public as actor Baek Sunho.

MIC is C-JeS Studio’s first pre-debut boy trainee who has attracted attention even before their official debut with their outstanding ability and charm.

Among the members, Sunho is the member who gained immense popularity with his unrivaled visual and outstanding singing ability. Then Sunho released a new profile, announcing the news of his full activity as an actor.

In the published photo, Baek Sunho flaunts a pure and clean mood with a gentle smile in a white T-shirt. On the other hand, in the appearance of wearing a black turtleneck, he exuded a completely different charm when displaying a confident attitude with sharp yet strong eyes.

Baek Sunho exuded extraordinary power unlike a rookie, perfectly melting various charms that transcended heat and cold with his own color.

About Sunho MIC


Photo : Instagram.com/cjes.tagram

During his training period, Sunho proved his outstanding talent in various fields such as singing, dancing, and playing the guitar, raising expectations for his new acting career.

Born in 2003, Baek Sunho is a 19-year-old actor with a flashy mask and deep aura. Baek Sunho, who has many talents, feelings and passions, is ready to start a strong flight as a new actor of the next generation with challenging acting. (rgs)

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