Wonyoung IVE admits he’s not interested in driving and driving licenses: it’s like he’s about to die

South Korea – Wonyoung IVE admits that he is not interested in taking the test to make a driver’s license. He also explained his reasons for not being interested in getting a SIM (Driving License).

Wonyoung IVE revealed that he would be a passenger forever. Read more below.

Not Interested For SIM

Jan Wonyoung IVE recently appeared on ‘Cosmopolitan Korea’ magazine on June 27, 2023. The interview was published on the magazine’s official YouTube channel with the title ‘Jang Wonyoung is now 20 years old’

He was asked if he got a driver’s license where he would drive. Unexpectedly, Jang Wonyoung admitted that she was not interested in getting a driver’s license.

Wonyoung IVE said that he felt like he would die if he was driving because he was nervous. He also wants to be on the passenger side forever.

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