Wonyoung IVE’s viral shock reaction to being touched by a child in Madrid, reap the pros and cons

South Korea – Recently Wonyoung IVE’s reaction when a small child unexpectedly touched him went viral on social media.

All of a sudden, this was busy being in the spotlight of netizens, giving rise to pro and con comments. Here’s more through the review below.

Wonyoung IVE’s Surprised Reaction When Touched by a Child


Photo : taegangersz_/twitter

Flying to Madrid, Spain, IVE was present as one of the performers for the K-POP LUX 2023 event on July 22, 2023 along with a row of other groups such as SHINee, ENHYPEN, and STAYC.

While in Madrid, footage of Wonyoung IVE’s interaction with a small child circulated, which immediately became the spotlight.

In the video, Wonyoung can be seen walking hand in hand with other IVE members. But suddenly, unexpectedly there was a small child. The little boy approached Wonyoung IVE who was passing in front of him and touched his hair.

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