World Badminton Day, Peek at the History of the Beginning of the Commemoration

PeekSeleb – What day is July 5th? July 5 is celebrated as World Badminton Day or World Badminton Day.

World Badminton Day, which is celebrated every July 5 every year, is a moment to honor this much-loved international sport. So, what is the history of World Badminton Day on July 5 and how to celebrate it? Come on, take a peek one by one.

History of World Badminton Day

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The International Badminton Federation (IBF), under its initial name (now Badminton World Federation – BWF), was founded on 5 July 1934 with nine founding Member Associations. In honor of this important date, World Badminton Day will be celebrated every year on 5 July.

However, World Badminton Day was celebrated for the first time on 5 July 2022. Quoting BWF Badminton, BWF President, Poul-Erik Høyer Larsen, expressed his happiness because the celebration of World Badminton Day could finally be celebrated.

“World Badminton Day provides a unique opportunity for us to simultaneously celebrate and promote the sport we love. I am very excited to take part in the various activities of World Badminton Day and observe the impact it has on our sport globally,” said Poul-Erik Høyer Larsen as quoted from BWF Badminton.

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