Wow! IU Willingly Doused with Ice Water to Show Concern for Lou Gehrig’s Patients

South Korea – Recently, singer-actress IU participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. In this challenge, the actress’s entire body was doused with ice water.

Lee Jong Suk’s lover was willing to do the challenge to show concern for Lou Gehrig’s patient. Let’s take a closer look at IU’s challenges.

IU Doing Ice Bucket Challenge

Recently, IU uploaded a video on Instagram of herself doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. In the video, his whole body is doused with ice cold water.

Investigate a calibaration, all that he did to support patients with Lou Gerig’s disease. The disease attacks the nervous system of the sufferer and causes the sufferer to slowly lose muscle strength.

IU also revealed that one of the reasons she decided to make the challenge was to support the construction of the first Lou Gehrig hospital in Korea. Construction will start this year.

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