XODIAC Ready to Perform in Jakarta, Netizens: Zayyan Returns Home

Jakarta – For you XODIAC fans in Indonesia, you must be prepared. Because, in the near future, XODIAC will greet X-Bliss (XODIAC fans) Indonesia, you know!

Curious when and where XODIAC will perform in Indonesia? Let’s take a peek at the full news below.

XODIAC to Indonesia

XODIAC will soon be performing in Indonesia at the 2023 Telkomsel Awards. The event will take place on Friday, 21 July 2023 at Beach City International Stadium starting at 19:00 WIB.

“There was something spectacular on the 2023 Telkomsel Awards stage! There will be a performance from K-POP Artist: XODIAC!” wrote the Telkomsel Instagram account, Friday, July 7 2023.

The announcement that XODIAC is going to Indonesia has made fans enthusiastic. Moreover, many say that Zayyan XODIAC will return home.

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