Youtiful Lyrics (English Ver.)

South Korea – Stray Kids released an animated music video (MV) featuring a beautiful city night and sky along with the lyrics for an English song.

The song ‘Youtiful’ is a song from Stray Kids’ 3rd full album ‘5-STAR’ and the boy group continues to release MVs for released songs, including the title song ‘S-Class’, ‘DLC’, ‘FNF’ , ‘Get Lit’, and ‘TOPLINE’.

So what are the lyrics of the song Youtiful from Stray Kids? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Youthful Song Lyrics

Looking at yourself
A lot goes in your mind
“I don’t know
if I’m ready to show myself”
You worry day and night

Look at the stars fall
They leave the sky, goodbye
Must be an oracle, like a waterfall
They shower you with love tonight

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