Cenora Tiger Alshad Ahmad Mati, Peek at 10 Dangers of Raising Tigers


PeekSeleb – Alshad Ahmad reports that his pet tiger, Cenora, has died. Through his Instagram, Raffi Ahmad’s cousin said that Cenora had died on Monday night, July 24, 2023.

Upon the news of Cenora’s death, Alshad Ahmad reaped controversy. Again, Alshad was criticized for keeping protected animals.

Indeed, the Tiger attracts attention due to its exotic beauty and astonishing strength. For this reason, the tiger has become an attraction for some people who are tempted to keep this animal as a pet at home.

However, despite its charm, keeping tigers as pets presents very serious dangers and should not be ignored. As wild and ferocious animals, tigers are not suitable for life in the domestic environment. Quoting Pet Assure, here are 10 major dangers associated with keeping tigers as pets. Let’s take a peek!

1. Threats to Human Safety

Source: Pet Assure

The tiger is a natural predator with a strong hunting instinct. Keeping tigers at home increases the risk of attack which can endanger the safety of humans, including the owner himself, family members and neighbours.

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