Nightmare – Jihyo TWICE Lyrics with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – The idol whose full name is Park Jihyo who is a member of TWICE will be releasing a solo project. Jihyo followed in Nayeon’s footsteps, who released Extended Plays (EP) first. Meanwhile, Jihyo’s song ‘Nightmare’ was included in the mini album entitled ‘Zone’ which will be released on August 18, 2023.

It is known, this song Nightmare has a dark rockish atmosphere, and terrible lyrics, where one person will enter someone else’s sleep and become a nightmare forever. So what are Jihyo TWICE’s Nightmare lyrics like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Nightmare Lyrics – TWICE’s Jihyo


Amudo mollae geop eopsi
Sijakdwae beorin neoui jilju
Aseulhi neon meomchul jureul moreugo
Sae kkaman siya wi
Ppuyeoke garin eolgullo
Nal sumgin chae barabwa

Maeil beonjyeoganeun goeroum
Geodaehan angmongeuro na oneul
Neol jibeo samkyeo geotteunhage
I bam yeongwonhannightmare soge
Modu jamdeun bam biroso dul ppunin
Gimyohami deopchin gipeojin night
Ppareuge tweo eoseo hurry
Run away from me

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