Song Lyrics I Revive – Han Seung Yun, OST Drama HeartBeat with Indonesian Translation

South Korea – South Korean solo singer, Han Seung Yun was chosen to be the first singer to sing the OST for the drama HeartBeat. Titled I Revive, the song will be released on various music sites on June 27, 2023, at 6 PM KST.

I Revive is a vampire theme song with a strong melody and a locking yet powerful sound, adding the unique rich bass and cool voice of Han Seung Yun. In particular, the lyrics reminiscent of a strong vampire waking up in a coffin attracts the attention of viewers and listeners. In the following, PeekSeleb summarizes the lyrics of the song.

Song Lyrics I Revive – Han Seung Yun from OST Drama HeartBeat


gamyeon sog nae an-e gamchwojin
tto daleun naui ego

gip-i jamdeul-eo issdeon nal
kkaewo You wake me up

nae an-e sumgyeowassdeon my bitterness
boyeojulge time to reveal

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