5 South Korea’s Darkest History, Dismantling the Gloomy Chapters of the K-Pop Idol Country

South Korea – South Korea is famous for the advancement of K-Pop culture and Korean dramas that have gone global. In addition to the entertainment sector, South Korea has also experienced technological, cultural and economic advances, making it a developed country.

However, South Korea also has a past full of tragedies and difficult challenges. South Korea has experienced several dark events. In the following, IntipSeleb summarizes five of the darkest histories that have shaped South Korea.

1. Korean War (1950-1953)

Source: PBS

One of the darkest chapters in South Korean history was the Korean War. This conflict erupted between North Korea, which was supported by the Soviet Union, and South Korea, which was supported by the United States. This war resulted in millions of casualties and separated the two countries into two separate Koreas to this day.

the Gwangju Massacre
Source: ThoughtCo.

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