Spreading False Rumors About Wonyoung IVE, Starship Files Lawsuit Against YouTuber Sojang

South Korea – On July 25, Starship released a statement regarding YouTuber Sojang’s actions which were considered to have damaged the image of the company’s artists and staff. Starship has filed a lawsuit regarding malicious comments, especially those that say Wonyoung harassed other people.

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Starship sues YouTuber Sojang


Photo : starshipTV/YouTube

On July 25, Starship stated on their official SNS that they have filed a lawsuit against YouTuber Sojang. Starship claims that famous YouTubers often create celebrity rumors, damaging the image of both the artist and the company.

“In October 2022, we filed a lawsuit against persistent malicious commenters, which resulted in a six-month prison sentence, job restrictions, and a criminal record for spreading false information,” said Starship via official social media launched via Daum on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

They also added, “Since November 2022, we have been processing civil and criminal lawsuits against Sojang and carrying out international lawsuits. In May 2023, we received a disclosure order from a US court and obtained Sojang operator information from Google headquarters in July 2023. Coincidentally, however, around the time of the disclosure notice from Google, Sojang claimed to have been hacked and his own account disappeared.” he added.

Will Comeback, Jeon Somi Releases Single Album Poster ‘GAME PLAN’

South Korea – South Korean solo singer, Jeon Somi is rumored to be coming back soon with the release of a new single album titled GAME PLAN. This is the first release since XOXO’s first regular album, which was released in October 2021.

Prior to the comeback, the singer has released two posters for the upcoming product. So how is the information? Come on, take a peek below

Jeon Somi Releases GAME PLAN Single Album Poster


Photo : Instagram.com/somaomi0309

Launching from WowTV on Tuesday 25 July 2023, Jeon Somi has released a poster for a single album titled GAME PLAN on official social media.

The published image captures the hearts of global fans at once when exuding the singer’s sharp and cool gaze. In the black poster, Jeon Somi exudes alluring charm with a thick smoky vibe.

Charismatic gestures and facial expressions, provocative eyes flood the gaze with a beautiful aura. Meanwhile on the red poster, Jeon Somi displays a stunning beauty.

She wore a deep red dress and sunglasses, reminiscent of the human Barbie look that showed extreme splendor and made viewers fall in love.

Circulating Portraits of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s Children, Netizens: Online Nephews!

South Korea – Recently, a portrait of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s first child has circulated, which is now 8 months old.

Suddenly, the portrait made netizens excited and greeted him as a nephew online. Curious as to what the portrait looks like? Let’s take a peek together!


Photo : yejinhand/instagram

Beautiful actress Son Ye Jin gave birth to her first child with Hyun Bin in November 2022 which is a boy.

Not a few of the public are curious about the portrait of the baby of the two drama stars Crash Landing On You. However, it seems that Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin have decided to protect their son’s privacy.

But recently through his personal Instagram account, Son Ye Jin shared a photo showing a comparison of a baby’s hand with his cat’s paw.

Yoo Seung Ho Reportedly Will Comeback Drama I’m Home, YG Entertainment Gives Confirmation

South Korea – Actor Yoo Seung Ho is reported to be returning to the small screen. This time, Yoo Seung Ho will reportedly be the main star in the drama I’m Home.

YG Entertainment has also opened up about the report. Want to know more information? Come on, immediately refer to the following article!

About Yoo Seung Ho starring in the drama I’m Home

Export News

Photo: Export News

Actor Yoo Seung Ho is reportedly in talks to appear in the drama I’m Home. Shortly after Korean media outlets reported this, YG Entertainment, as Yoo Seung Ho’s agency, released a statement.

“We reviewed the proposal positively and considered Yoo Seung Ho’s appearance on ‘I’m Home’,” said representative Yoo Seung Ho from the YG Entertainment agency as reported by Entertain Naver on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

I’m Home is a drama directed by Ra Hana, known for her work entitled Green Mothers Club. The drama is about family members who come together to form a new family.

Celebrating 1000 Days of Debut, DRIPPIN Provides Special Gifts for Fans

South Korea – The kpop group made by Woolim Entertainment, DRIPPIN gave a special gift to fans by releasing a special video for a song titled When I’m with You on official social media.

This special release is also to commemorate 1000 days of their debut in the South Korean entertainment industry. So how is the information? Come on, take a peek below.

DRIPPIN Gives Special Gifts For Fans


Photo : Youtube.com/drippin

Launching from 10Asia on Tuesday, 25 July 2023, Woollim Entertainment, the DRIPPIN agency, released a special video entitled When I’m With You on official social media on 24 July 2023.

The special video features a special fan song from DRIPPIN entitled When I’m with You from the first full album Drippin Villain: The End which was released in 2022.

This release is more meaningful as it was specially produced for DREAMIN (DRIPPIN’s official fan club name) celebrating their 1000th day of debut.

In the video, the DRIPPIN members attract attention with their casual style in matching dark denim outfits. The members sat on the sofa in a neatly decorated room with bookshelves, chairs, flower pots and took commemorative photos.

The members’ refreshing visuals and youthful charm blend perfectly with the beautiful melody and sweet lyrics of the past.

About the song When I’m With You

NewJeans Celebrity song cover, IU: Your five voices are good and beautiful

South Korea – On July 24th, NewJeans appeared on IU’s Palette which was uploaded to IU’s official YouTube. In that event, IU explored everything about NewJeans.

However, something caught attention when IU was shocked to find out the age of the NewJeans members. Want to know more? Come on, check it out below!

IU praised NewJeans when singing Celebrity

Just like before, everyone who was invited to the Palatte event, IU and the invited guests must sing songs. Both IU and NewJeans took turns singing their hit songs.

At this inaugural meeting, NewJeans sang IU’s Celebrity song. After hearing the voice of NewJeans singing Celebrity, IU did not stop praising their talent.

“I keep saying it’s great, but it’s true. I’m happy that you showed NewJeans and IU colors. Your five voices are good and beautiful, but carry a different feeling. You all sing that song differently and well. I enjoy listening to it,” said IU, who praised NewJeans, quoted via IU’s Palette on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

IU Shocked by NewJeans Member’s Age: Hyein Was Born in 2008? That’s my Debut Year

South Korea – On July 24th, NewJeans appeared on IU’s Palette which was uploaded to IU’s official YouTube. In that event, IU explored everything about NewJeans.

However, something caught attention when IU was shocked to find out the age of the NewJeans members. Want to know more? Come on, check it out below!

IU was shocked by Hyein’s age

Source: IU’s Palatte/YouTube Screenshot

IU admits that she has known NewJeans for a long time. IU was even very happy when NewJeans appeared at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. However, IU hasn’t delved further into NewJeans, let alone their age.

While inviting NewJeans to IU’s Palette, IU was shocked by Hyein’s age who was born in 2008. 2008 was the year IU made her debut.

“There is one big similarity between me and Hyein. 2008 number. In 2008, I made my debut. And Hyein was born in 2008, right?” said IU in her personal YouTube event quoted on Tuesday, July 25, 2023.

Criticized for being drunk when live, Jungkook BTS: I’m also human and this is my life

South Korea – Jungkook who is the maknae of the BTS group impressed ARMY with talks regarding the drunken controversy during the live broadcast. In addition, he also said about making two choices of solo versions of the song ‘Seven’.

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Jungkook Live Broadcast

On July 22, Jungkook communicated with ARMY around the world through a live broadcast on Weverse, a fan communication platform. On July 14, Jungkook BTS released the new digital single ‘Seven’ via domestic and foreign music sites.

After that, on July 14, he appeared on major overseas music programs such as the popular BBC UK talk show ‘The One Show’, starting with GMA US ‘Summer 2023 Concert Series’ (Summer 2023 Concert Series) on July 22, and performed a new song.

After successfully completing their overseas schedule, they returned home via Incheon International Airport on July 24. Jungkook BTS did a live broadcast on Weverse.

Park Shin Hye Donates IDR 1.1 Billion For Victims of Heavy Rain in Korea

South Korea – Not heard from for a long time, Park Shin Hye reportedly provided assistance to victims of heavy rains in South Korea.

Apart from that, Park Shin Hye will also treat fans’ longing through her latest drama project. Here’s more through the review below.

Park Shin Hye Donates to Victims of Heavy Rain


Photo: ssinz7/instagram

Recently, South Korea has been hit by bad weather with increased rain intensity which has caused flooding.

According to allkpopon July 25, 2023 Palang Merat Korea said that Park Shin Hye had donated 100 won or around Rp. 1.1 billion to residents affected by heavy rains.

Park Shin Hye learned about the local situation in the affected areas through the Korean Red Cross, and personally selected and donated the 2,000 summer blankets (total value of 100 million won) needed for families affected by the heavy rains.,” the Korean Red Cross said in a statement.

The Moon Movie Show Schedule in Indonesian Cinemas, Mission to Save Astronaut DO EXO

South Korea – Ahead of its premiere in South Korea, the film The Moon also released its showing times in theaters throughout the country, one of which is in Indonesia.

Played by Do Kyungsoo or DO EXO, Sol Kyung Gu, to Kim Hee Ae, the film The Moon will invite the audience to feel the tension of being trapped by an astronaut in outer space. Here’s more through the review below.

The Moon Movie Plot

The Moon movie

Photo: The Moon movie

The film The Moon is a reunion project between DO EXO and director Kim Yong Hwa after previously working together on the film Along With the Gods.

Meanwhile, The Moon is set in the story of a tense incident when a person is trapped in outer space and his struggle to return to earth.

The astronaut is Hwang Sun Woo (DO EXO), who is a graduate of molecular physics from UDT who went to the moon as the youngest member of South Korea’s first manned spacecraft,